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Entrepreneurs can change the world... A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible.

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Big Dreams Are Worth Big Risks - Joy the Movie

Lessons Learned: Big Dreams Are Worth Big Risks. From Joy the Movie (2015) with Jennifer Lawrence. In this scene, she says that QVC wants to sell her product, and that it will sell, but her relatives...

54 Views - 1 Likes 09:20 AM | 26 Oct 2018

Learn from Mistakes & Profit - Joy The Movie

Lessons Learned: Joy Mangano learned from cutting her hands from glass when wringing the mop that the mop needed to be wrung without touching the head. She then created her first invention! She now...

91 Views - 1 Likes 09:41 AM | 02 Oct 2018

Teen Raises $40,000 in One Hour

From poor to rich... Caleb Maddix tells his story of how a year before he and his father were broke with $7 in their bank account, and now are not.

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