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Being a Worldie is changing the world and helping others.
Open your world. 

Positive Social Impact.
Better Life, World, and Future

Progress for a Better Life and World

Anti-Cyberabuse & Protective Environments

Creating a Safe and Equal World - Public Safety and Saving Lives

Rescue Social Tech

Proactivity for Social Influence - Artificial Intelligence and Robots for Good

Help Networks

Creating a Helpful World - Directly, Services, Partnerships


Equal Rights, Human Rights, Equality, Women's Equality

Social Media For Good

Technology for Good and AI for Good:

We create social projects, technology, and networks of partners for improving lives with positive social effects and social impact on people, communication, motivation, economies, business, equality, movements, openness, activism, safety, security, helping others and rescue. We see the big picture, yet also how each person matters in a chain reaction.


We can use social media to get people to learn more, do more, think more, and feel more positive with the ability to express themselves, be creative, yet also protected.

Empower People:

People should have choices, feel positively limitless as possible, and be empowered to have their own independence. We want many features, settings, and customization to provide people their potential for more. We want the public to be empowered.


Worldie provides people representation for social issues in social media. We want fair and helpful representation at this global organization. With this structure, we can grow with a strong foundation. Our structure is very different from other platforms with providing transparency, social impact, and openness. This is the structure for the future.


Thank You

We thank you for your donations, partnerships, and support.

Worldie‘s mission is to build equality, rescue, safety, humanitarianism, progress, and all-in-one integration to improve and save lives with social technology, social impact, women's equality, proactivity, and networks of partners for a better world and future.

We represent people worldwide and from different regions. We are an international and transnational social enterprise overseen by nonprofits, representatives, stakeholders, and partners. We support representation for social issues with committees and create leadership to increase equality with technology.

Safe and Equal World

Worldie Ltd is a Social Enterprise for social impact with progressive, humanitarian, collaborative, and egalitarian innovation to improve lives worldwide and an International Headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

We focus on Tech4Good with anti-cyberabuse projects, rescue tech projects, and partnerships to expand safety, equality, humanitarianism, services, and integration.


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