Open-Carry Gun Rally at Kent State - Banned Sept 29?

img 29 Sep 2018
05:30 AM (EST)
imgKent, Ohio 800 E Summit St, Kent, OH 44240
City: Kent, Ohio Country: United States

Christina Taft10:06 PM | 13 Sep 2018

Off-Site Entry: Free Start Date/Time: 29 Sep 2018 | 05:30 AM Campus Carry Rally Banned? Kaitlin Bennett wanted a gun rally at Kent State on Sept 29, after she had held one in April as a student. Her Go Fund Me page to sponsor the rally was also deleted after false reports. I emailed Go Fund Me about it and never received any reply. Kent State doesn't want Kaitlin to hold a rally this year. ........ --- In my opinion, the shootings are socio-cultural and chemical. Teaching people that guns are for self-defense and not shooting others may benefit. Category: Protests & Rallies Tags : #guns #gun rights #rally #gun rally #protest #banned #censorship #self defense #shootings #Kaitlin Bennet #Kent State #Ohio #Campus Carry 1Join 0Invite
  • Bluesjack Frost

    Christina, what are your thoughts on the Convention of States action?

  • David Sugar

    Of course our people do carry on tribal land. We do have people with past and present concerns for safety, especially our women. Our tribal govt has at times sponsored gun safety and defense training. I am not concerned with people having guns, but rather with people that do who do not know how to use them. Personally I think a country that has a 2nd amendment has an obligation to teach gun safety and knowledge, just as it may have teaching shop, health, driver ed, or art, in public schools.

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